Ramrod MK1 Equalizer Unit

I proudly present the latest and final model of the Ramrod MK1 Equalizer Unit.

It took quite some time to get all the concepts done, staying close to the original version but lifting everything up to

a modern design while enhancing it with lots of details. The technical movability was the trickiest part, so that all joints

would work properly, while keeping the look of a manmade machine.

This model has close to 4 million polygons and i modelled every one of them in Maya, to ensure an optimal interaction of the different

bodyparts. It can be seen in the latest Saber Rider - The Game Teaser Trailer, which you can find below and in the news- section.



Date of creation: June 2013 - February 2014

Here you can see a turnaround of the untextured model.

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