Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs - The Game


Saber Rider Game Team


Platform: PC/PS3/Xbox

Release: Not yet announced


Engine: UDK


This is the official game for the famous 80`s sci fi comic tv-show Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs.

I´ve been working on this project for 1,5 years now, working in my freetime, because our Indie Studio still needs a proper funding.


The goal of the current project is to develop a demo, that helps to successfully accquire a publisher and finally start with the full production.

I created the entire 3D content, thats visible on public websites or networks -  all characters, textures and animations.



These are the keyframe animations, i did for Saber Rider and his enemies.

They were all done inside Maya with a custom made rig. Enjoy!

This is a Video showing the basic Gameplay Concept from Saber Rider - The Game
This was made in 2011 and shows just prototype material.

These are the fighting animations i did for the video above. It is a very rough version without any FX and an additional camera.

Here is a turnaround of my highpolymodel of Colt and his weapon, both made in Maya.

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